I made another NEW SWEARS video.

Satan Loves You

When the world stops being so nice to you
You gotta lay right down and think, what can I do?
And I know you’ll be there when my plans fall through
I’m a waste of life
But not to you

You gotta sell your soul
I know because I’ve been there before
Inside you know what to do
Because Satan loves you

When you’re down on your luck
And you give less of a fuck
Everyday it won’t go away, no it won’t let up
And your frown seems permanent 
And you’re out of your element
Nobody wants you and you do really bad in school

I’ve got something for you
You’re going down and I’m coming too
Inside you know it’s true
Because Satan loves you

And the world as you know it
Just happens to split right in two
And your life closes its doors
And your mind is feeling sore

Never gonna make it right
Don’t wanna see the light shine through
Because Satan loves you

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